CEI develops technology solutions that leverage environmental information for decision making, resource management, and broader applied use.

What we do

Much of our work is developing rich interactive web applications and supporting server components. We make complex scientific information and tools accessible to practitioners and laypersons through solutions that are: easy to use, interactive, engaging, and specifically tailored to user information needs. Additionally, we work with scientists to help them model, organize, manage, share, and use their data more effectively.

A few of our services...

Who we collaborate with

CEI works with a broad spectrum of clients from state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions.

How we work

We draw on our backgrounds in natural and social sciences to understand the needs of the scientists and professionals we work with.  We follow a collaborative iterative development process that focuses on user needs.  Our process involves facilitated needs assessment, requirements gathering and analysis, solution design and specification, iterative prototyping and development, frequent release and review of incremental work with stakeholders (and incorporation of feedback), testing, and documentation.
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